Palm Coast, Fl - Excessive Traffic - City Council Endangers Residents' Health/Lives


In 2003 the City Council recognized that the traffic on Florida Park Drive was too heavy for a residential area. (See bottom of page 3)
Rather than controlling the traffic, the City let it grow unchecked AND added turn lanes from two Parkways onto FL PK DR. 
Each year traffic increasing the harm to residents' health. FL PK DR is now a thoroughfare exchanging traffic between two parkways
(Palm Coast Pkwy & Palm Harbor Pkwy).
Violations of the City  - - Deaths on FL PK DR  - - City Contacts

When buiding a City's Legacy becomes more important than protecting the health / lives of children.
1). The City will decide which children will NOT have a healthy environment. (Harmed by traffic fumes and traffic dust)
2). The City will decide which children learning capabilities will be harmed. (Harmed by traffic noise)
3). The City will decide which children will have higher risks of cancer, diabetes, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

8,600+ cars/per day and 645+ trucks/per day, according to Florida Department of Transportation :: FDOT Florida Traffic Online (2016)
3 MILLION+ cars / per year and 235,000+ trucks / per year pass within 60 feet of children's bedrooms. 
It is not about traffic; it's about
people, it's about their health; it's about their lives.

It will not harm the health of any driver for the City to fix this problem; but to not fix it will continue to harm the health
of all FL PK DR residents.
  FL PK DR has more traffic than non-residential (Palm Harbor Parkway or Old Kings Road) - FDOT-TrafficMap

15+ years the City has ignored the traffic problem, allowed residents suffering,  and ignored the harm to residents' health. 

EUTHANASIA by TRAFFIC affects all ages - the only difference is the length of SUFFERING  - (children can have life long struggles).

How is FL PK DR Different from Other Roads   - - Leukemia Incidence is Higher Among Children Living Close to High-Traffic Roads

What is a safe distance to live or work near high auto emission roads  - - -   Busy roads put kids at higher risk of cancer: CDC

How the Street You Live On May Harm Your Health  - - Residential Traffic and Children’s Respiratory Health  

How traffic noise near your home can be a short cut to an early death: Sound linked to higher risk of stroke and heart disease       

Exhaust Fumes; Daily Dosage Kills Slowly    - (Published 16-Mar-2105)       Exhaust Fumes Kill You Slowly

Any Doubts About Health Harm; Watch Videos From the University Of Colorado - Part 1 of 2 (10 min)     Part 2 of 2 (10 min)

Opinion based on scientific studies by World Health Organization, Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Control, and many Universities:  Euthanasia by traffic  does not just target the elderly (early death);  it targets children  (life long struggles) with diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, and asthma just to name a few.

Information about Florida Park Drive        Pine Lakes Gas Station Link   Updated 11-20-2014  (Are people the focus?)

Learning disabilities for children and declining health for all will continue to plague the residents of FL PK DR as long as the cause, excessivee
traffic is not addressed and fixed by the City.  
 Status of Research on Traffic Exposures and Health Impacts   ::  by California Environmental Protection Air Resources Board and United States Environmental Protection Agency (published August 23, 2012)

Study on Traffic Fumes and Children's Health   - (Published June, 2004) - Added 12/27/2014
Report recommends not building schools near heavy traffic areas, such as interstates. (Where was Matanzas High School built? How close are outside activities to the interstate? 2015 the Matanzas Woods Interstate Exchange Project and Palm Harbor Extension Project will increase the amount of traffic surrounding the High School. Have parents been informed of the health risks?) Traffic Fumes and Schools  
Children attending schools near traffic had a smaller improvement in cognitive development (May 2015)
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