Palm Coast, Fl - Excessive Traffic on Fl Pk Dr Endangers Residents' Health/Lives

One of the most effective ways of discouraging people is to make them think, "There is absolutely nothing they can do about it anyway."
I would like to encourage you to believe that there is a solution to reducing the amount of traffic on Florida Park Drive.

ITT's design was to move traffic around the residential neighborhoods, not through them. From The History of Palm Coast ,
"Residential roads (like Fl Pk Dr) in each section access feeder roads, which in turn access major traffic highways (like Palmcoast Parkway & Palm Harbor Parkway). This design limits traffic in residential neighborhoods."
ITT's design connected Palm Harbor Parkway to Palm Coast Parkway so traffic could use the parkways to move the traffic and not use residential streets.

To fix the excessive traffic problem is not going to harm the health of any driver,
but to not fix it will continue to harm the health of every resident on FL PK DR.

Following the below FDOT Regulation would fix the problem.

Section 19, paragraph 1, page 2-31,
of Land Development & Subdivision Regulations That Support Access Management for Florida Cities and Counties  states,
"The street system of a proposed subdivision (like the C-Section) shall be designed to coordinate with existing (like Fl Pk Dr), proposed, and planned streets outside of the subdivision as provided in this Section."
C-Section growth has substantially impacted the traffic on Florida Park Drive to the point it is causing health issues.

Section 19, paragraph 4, page 2-31, states "Subcollector and local residential access streets shall connect with surrounding streets to permit the convenient movement of traffic between residential neighborhoods or facilitate emergency access and evacuation, but such connections shall not be permitted where the effect would be to encourage the use of such streets by substantial through traffic.
ITT connected Palm Harbor Parkway to Palm Coast Parkway to move traffic away from the residential neighborhoods.  Along with proven traffic calming methods, used by other cities,  this design could be used to fix the excessive traffic issue on Florida Park Drive.

Section 19, page 2-31, Commentary: Local governments must maintain a tenuous balance between enhancing accessibility and limiting excessive
through traffic in residential areas. These standards strive to address both considerations.

City Officials have been given the information to study from the scientific studies of the health issues caused by excessive traffic.
Encourage them to come up with a solution to the excessive traffic on Florida Park Drive.