Palm Coast, Fl - Excessive Traffic on Fl Pk Dr Endangers Residents' Health/Lives

Soon all the elderly that lived on Florida Park Drive in 1999 when the to be City Officials made promises to protect

existing neighborhoods will have died or moved. 

Soon all the elderly that lived on Florida Park Drive in 2003 when the City Council said they were committed

to keeping traffic off Florida Park Drive will have died or moved.  (See bottom of page 3)

Deaths of the elderly on FL PK DR.

2 at 129

2 at 126

2 at 124

1 at 107

1 at 76

1 at 83

1 at 52

1 at 90

1 at 122

1 at 131

1 at 132

1 at 136


15 Deaths

Out of approx 170 homes

Opinion based on scientific studies by World Health Organization, Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Control, and many Universities:

Euthanasia by traffic  does not just target the elderly (early death); it targets children  (life long struggles) with diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, and asthma just to name a few.

I challenged the City to compare the number of residents that have died while living on Fl Pk Dr to any other Palm Coast
residential neighborhood deaths.  I do not know where they are on gathering this information. 
Encourage them to work on it.

If you would like to see this information, contact City of Palm Coast Officials and request it.
City of Palm Coast Contacts