Palm Coast, Fl - Excessive Traffic on Fl Pk Dr Endangers Residents' Health/Lives

Barry University, for a student project, studied the Florida Park Drive situation.  Read about their findings.

Barry University School of Law, Environmental and Earth Law Clinic Presentation   :: Outline of Presentation

Law students speak on Florida Park Drive complaints   :: Findings

In 1998 Florida Park Drive was a peaceful quiet neighborhood.  Palm Coast became incorporated December 1999. 
City projects left traffic flow unchecked which in itself forced thorough traffic onto this residential street.

Florida Park Drive, a 1.4 mile residential street,  is being used as a thoroughfare passing traffic between two major parkways (Palm Coast Parkway and Palm Harbor Parkway).  Residents' health is being harmed by the effects of this excessive traffic.
Passing within 60 feet of each house is 8,000+ cars/per day and 500+ trucks/per day, damaging the healt of residents.

** The City of Palm Coast has known since 2003 that the traffic on FL PK DR was a problem; yet for a 14+ years they have done nothing to
** alleviate the suffering of the residents that live on FL PK DR.   See City Council Minutes 21-Jan-2003, page 3 last paragraph

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Between 2008 and 2010 the City reclassified FL PK DR as a major road, thus allowing commerical
trucks to use it as a cut-through.  Scientific studies on the harm of excessive traffic to children and adults had already been published.
The City chose to ignore this information and ignore the harm to children and adults it would cause. Click to see what else they ignored.

It will not harm the health of any driver for the City to fix this problem; but to not fix it will continue to harm the health of all FL PK DR residents..

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Kind Of Traffic Using FL PK DR as a Cut Through   (Photos - might be a little slow loading)   One Minute Video Tells Our Story   (click bottom image)

When dealing with politicians concerning people and their health you'll discover where their heart is, which will reveal their true character.
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