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Here's the article: City officials: Pine Lakes gas station on the way?   

Update: 05/11/2014 - City Council Minutes and Pine Lakes

Here's the Quote:  A few years ago, the city faced a similar situation when a BP Gas station was planned for the intersection of Palm Harbor Parkway and Fellowship Drive. Netts called the impact of the gas station on the neighborhood “negligible.”

Here's the truth: Since there are two Gas Stations on Palm Harbor Parkway the neighborhood of Florida Park Drive, a residential neighborhood, has been plagued by Gas Tankers, Eighteen Wheelers and numerous other types of vehicles making deliveries to these gas stations at all hours of the day; thus endangering the health of residents. Residents do not consider this “negligible.”

Here is what you can expect from the City:
1). No protection from falling property values.
2). No protection from the traffic fumes or the loud traffic noise.
3). No protection for your family's health (children, elderly, adults).

If the Mayor is willing to mislead Pine Lakes residents about the impact in the Florida Park Drive neighborhood, then how are Pine Lakes residents able to believe the City about what impact it will have in their neighborhood.  Fact is you can't!

What will your neighborhood be like in 5 years? What will the investment in your home be worth?

One of the most effective ways of City Officials discouraging people is to make them think,
"There is absolutely nothing they can do about it anyway." 
Fight for your neighborhood; NEVER GIVE UP
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Update 05-25-2014  See What Others Have Done
[When you fight for your neighborhood, you'll discover the true character of the City Officials; they don't care about your property value and they don't care about the health of your family. To see proof, just take a drive down FL PK DR (be ready for a shock).

While convenience stores provide many benefits, they can have a severe quality of life impact when allowed too close to homes and other inappropriate locations. 

Community & Environmental Defense Services - Added: 07-17-2014

An increase in heavy truck traffic may also cause damage to nearby homes due to vibrations transmitted through the earth. While some truck traffic is essential on neighborhood streets (e.g. refuse collection, delivery trucks, and fire engines) an excessive increase in trucks passing through a neighborhood could lower property value and overall quality of life.  Added: 07-31-2014

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Contact Information for City Council Members

Pine Lakes Gas Station – The Hidden Truth

I feel I would be wrong to stay silent and let what happened to our neighborhood, FL PK DR, happen to the Pine Lakes neighborhood. There will be gas tankers, eighteen wheelers, beer/soda/bread trucks, and numerous other vehicles making deliveries at all hours; YES, ALL HOURS. These trucks are LOUD; say goodbye to a peaceful neighborhood. This will also put hazardous materials in your neighborhood; hopefully, not through your residential streets like what is happening on FL PK DR where residents’ health is being damaged by the traffic fumes or the loud traffic noise. Because transit traffic will be using the gas station you can expect the usual trash on the side of the road from the beer/sodas/fast food sold there; residents here find it in their yards. Visit: to see what happened to FL PK DR.


Beware to all who live near the proposed gas station on Pine Lakes Parkway Dear Editor: It might be too late, but ask us about a new gas station on your street. We on Palm Harbor Parkway can tell you that we live in hell with the BP station. The mayor’s assessment of “minimal impact” may only have addressed the transient traffic. Yes! We do live with the transient motorcycles, the gas trucks, the dump trucks at 7:30 a.m., but your nightmare will come from the local teenage population. In our case, we have a “drag strip” between Matanzas High School and the BP Station. Why does any youngster need to visit a gas station 6-7 times in one day? They don’t seem to buy gas each time. They will race their engines just sitting there and do “wheelies” out of the station (never a police presence). The “minimum impact” has reduced our property value! We would like to sell, but we couldn’t lie on the “disclosure form.” Art Contour Palm Coast

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